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Titre V.O. : Pretty Little Liars
Titre V.F. :  Pretty Little Liars

--> En savoir plus : Pretty Little Liars - Hypnoweb

Date : 2010
Evènements :
Saison 4 - 100ème Episode - Episode Final - PaleyFest - juin 2017 
- février 2018 - avril 2019 
Série Dérivée : The Perfectionists

Saisons : 7
Statut : terminée 
Fiche Technique

Créateur : Marlene King

Distribution :
Informations Principales
Ryan Merriman ... Ian Thomas*
(Ep. 1.08, 1.10, 1.11, 1.13, 1.14, 1.16, 1.18 à 1.22, 2.04, 2.05, 2.13, 2.17 et 4.24)
Andrea Parker ... Jessica DiLaurentisMary Drake **
(Ep. 2.06, 4.01 et 4.02, 4.10, 4.14 et 4.15, 4.22 à 4.24, 5.02, 5.13, 5.25, 6.04, 6.07, 6.10, 6.19 et 6.20, saison 7)

* dans l'épisode pilot, le rôle de Ian Thomas est tenu par l'acteur Carlo Marks. Mais lorsque le personnage réapparaît dans l'épisode 1.08, c'est Ryan Merriman qui l'interprète, et ce pour le reste de la saison.
** dans l'épisode pilot, le rôle de Jessica DiLaurentis est tenu par l'actrice Anne Mary DeLuise. Mais lorsque le personnage réapparaît dans l'épisode 2.06, c'est Andrea Parker qui l'interprète, et ce jusqu'au final de la série.


Résumé : d'après l'oeuvre de  Sara Shepard/
Dans la ville parfaite de Rosewood, quatre lycénnes partagent toutes un secret commun, concernant leur amie mystérieusement disparue, Alison. Un an plus tard, son corps est retrouvé, et elles commencent à recevoir des messages plutôt agressifs d'un certain A, qui semblent connaître pas mal de choses à leur sujet...
Ian Thomas, époux de Melissa Hastings, est professeur de Lacrosse à l'High School Rosewood. Il est le dernier à avoir vu Alison vivante, sachant qu'il entretenait une relation avec elle.
Jessica Dilaurentis est la mère d'Alison. Elle revient à Rosewood pour assister à un gala donné en l'honneur de sa fille disparue. En dépit de ce qu'elle craignait, sa rencontre avec les amies de sa fille l'a réconforte dans un premier temps.

Récompenses - 2016 : Meilleure série Dramatique au Teen Choice Awards.

Anecdocte : L'actrice retrouve sa partenaire Nia Peeples rencontrée sur les plateaux du film XXX's & OOO's.
Toute la distribution a regardé le final ensemble sur grand écran.
L'actrice Sasha Pieterse qui joue dans la série la fille de Jessica Laurentis, a la même date d'anniversaire que la mère de l'actrice Andrea Parker, qui interprète Jessica Laurentis.

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Tweets de l'actrice (attention aux spoïlers) :
- A moment of silliness with @nolan_north - who was always so much fun #bts and fully interrupted me getting into a dark #Mary mood @wachtel_rebecca @ShariPerry1 #MarysPlaylist #PLL #MrsD #MrHastings #tbt #ThatLaughTho (22/08/2018)
- Happy Birthday @AngelaNogaro When work friends become best friends! From #ThePretender to #PLL to my wedding, my face in your hands is magic and I cherish you (06/05/2018)
[Danse avec les Stars] -  so foxy with their foxtrot tonight! @SashaaPieterse gorgeous & owning the dance floor again! Now y'all better #vote!  (10/10/2017)
- Tea and cookies in the dollhouse with this one #Heaven (09/10/2017)
- Ha! This is what happens at 3AM when you're waiting to be called to set! You can thank @LesleyFera for capturing our delirium  #PLL (01/07/2017)
- It's been such a pleasure working with you, Jim - ur such a talent & gentle spirit #OfficerBarry was  #MrsD #MaryDrake #PLL (30/06/2017)
- My very last shot on   Words can't express what these girls, this show & all of you have meant to me - I love you  #PLLFamilyForever (29/06/2017)
- Twin fight!  (28/06/2017)
#brilliantwork from @SleepintheGardn
- I'm a wine mom wanna be!
- WTF!!!!!????? #Mona #PLLFinale
- Hot for teacher! @SashaaPieterse #PLLFinale
- A fantastic night - and so fitting to end it with these two who I adore! More tomorrow...xo (27/06/2017)
- So fun to watch on a big screen! #PLLFinale  
- We truly are a #family...@imarleneking just facetimed @lucyhale so she could be with us...#PLLFamilyForever
- Here we go!
#PLLPregame I love these people so much
- This episode is on  #PLLFinale
- I will be with you tonight and we will all share a giant, virtual, group hug  #PLLFamilyForever
- The inimitable @huwjamescollins almost as charming as he is in real life! #CheekyMonkey
#Mary uses a knife only...
- I love you @nia_peeples
- No! I don't want it to be over! Pretty Little Liars Showrunner @imarleneking on the Finale  (24/06/2017)
- All she needed was a little love...#AlexDrake #PLLFinale
- Blame Peter Hastings!
- HUGE round of much deserved applause for @SleepintheGardn here in the screening room  #AlexDrake #Spencer #PLLFinale
- I'm not sure if it's me or #MrsD who's crying right now... #Emison
- Goodbyes are hard ...    #MaryDrake #Spencer
- And the best is yet to come... #Shhh  (21/06/2017)
- Mary has game.
- So #MaryDrake's a ... Hero? #PLLChat
- What's uuuppppp Bitches?!?!?! #PLLChat
- Ok I got completely sucked into that scene and forgot I was chatting! #PLLChat
- I'm going to miss this - being with all of you as we watch together #PLLChat #PLLFamily
- Seems like a good day to find out who killed Charlotte ... #happyplldaybitches (20/06/2017)
- Does the DiLaurentis family have good genes or what!?! #CeceDrake #Jason #AlisonDilaurentis #happyplldaybitches
- More silliness at  where no one ever has any fun at all! (in case you can't tell, I love my #pllfamily )(08/06/2017)
- Hi Pretties! So sorry to have missed live tweeting this wk! Hope you all enjoyed the Mary & Jessica smackdown! It was really fun to shoot!
- Cover your eyes, Pretties - there's a flasher on the loose! #TeamEmison @sammyinlala (24/05/2017)
- Mary does shots. Usually Jack. Sometimes tequila, if she's not alone.
- Always fun on set, even by myself #shhhh #MaryDrake #PastorTed (16/05/2017)
- #MaryDrake speaks!  #ThisBitchHasAHeart (12/05/2017)
- "Mary Had A Little Lamb"  won't cut it? (11/05/2017)
- YOU are the Queen @imarleneking ... I am honored to serve in your court...(10/05/2017)
- Truth! You  fans are everything
- Well, that was intense...It was easier to film than to watch!
- Wait, WHAT? #Mary #Jessica #Peter #doesnoonehaveaburglaralarm?
- How many kids do I have anyway???
- Let's live in the moment
- ... she could be dangerous #Mary
- In all honesty, I am a romantic who ships all of the original couples  #Emison #Haleb #Ezria #Spoby
- That's my girl #Spencer #Mary
- is it weird I kinda want that dead hand as a souvenir?
- #MrsD will be live tweeting from beyond the grave tonight, Pretties... So excited to share all my BTS photos at last! #WhoKilledMrsD  (09/05/2017)
- Last weeks  episode was so good @BryanHoldman  #NamasteBitch
- See you Tuesday, Pretties!  #BTS #HereComesMary (07/05/2017)
- #MaryDrake is VERY busy behind the scenes, so she won't be joining you in tonight's , but she wants you all to know she loves you (02/05/2017)
- I have to say it... I ship #Emison  #PLLChat #pllaywithshay (19/04/2017)
- Scary Mary in the houuuuzzzzzse!
- What a great night @imarleneking Two fantastic shows!  IU  #FamousInLove #PrettyFamousTuesday
- Happy  day to the greatest fans of all time! So excited to take this final journey with you...I love you  - Happy last  premiere ever, Bitches! #LiarsToTheEnd  #PLLchat #PLLayWithShay
- A little poem for my little leprechauns... @PLLTVSeries #PLL #HappyStPatricksDay (17/03/2017)
- See you there, bitches  #MrsD #MaryDrake (03/03/2017)
- I adore @imarleneking (12/01/2017)
- Playing your mother & your aunt has been an absolute joy; the best gift of all is I get to be your friend. I love you @SleepintheGardn #HBD (28/10/2016)
- Dear @PLLTVSeries, #whatdoyoumeanitsover #someonestartwritingseason8pronto #notreadyforgoodbye Sincerely, All of us (27/10/2016)
- On this #LastDayOfPLL I can't help but look back to my first...so many memories, so much fun, so much love shared (26/10/2016)
- I will miss the laughter that we share most of all #PLL #LastTableRead #WeWillAlwaysBeFamily (06/10/2016)
- #PLLMoms #LastTableRead #SoMuchLove Missing you @nia_peeples
- Heading to the last ever #PLL table read soon #MixedEmotions #Grateful #Sad #ilysm #sayitaintso (05/10/2016)
- Mary Mary quite contrary... #PLL #lastseason #penultimateepisode (29/09/2016)
- What a fun episode! I'm so grateful to be a part of the #PLLFamily and for all of your support and love! #ThankYouPLLArmy @PLLTVSeries (09/08/2016)
- @sashalwt : " do you prefer playing mary or jessica?" @TheAndreaParker : "My favorite is to play them both at once!  @PLLTVSeries"
I [love] U @SashaaPieterse #Andrasha @PLLTVSeries
- Family reunion? #notsomuch @PLLTVSeries
- @myworldashbenzo : "how you describes this episode? #PLL" @TheAndreaParker : "Fun as hell!"
- Less than 24 hours till the #MaryDrake / #MrsD faceoff!#WHAT? #areyouTeamMaryOrTeamJessica? @PLLTVSeries (08/08/2016)
- See you next week, Pretties! #ilysm @PLLTVSeries (03/08/2016)
- Jeez @SashaaPieterse ! That HURT! #MrsDstilllovesyou! @PLLTVSeries
- Feeling very proud right now  #PLLFamily @PLLTVSeries
- We won! So proud of @imarleneking & the whole cast & crew of @PLLTVSeries #ChoiceDramaTVShow #TCAs2016 #BestFans (01/08/2016)
- Don't worry @huwjamescollins ... Being dead on #PLL is fun! #MrsD #PLLChat @PLLTVSeries (13/07/2016)
- Look at @huwjamescollins acting all trustworthy!
- I want @AshBenzo 's hair. Now.
- It's honestly so hard to see you like this @SashaaPieterse  #ILYSM and your work is #flawless @PLLTVSeries #PLL
- #creepysmackdown @huwjamescollins you are so much fun @PLLTVSeries #PLL
- "@radleyvamps : Who do you like more, Mary drake or Jessica? @PLLTVSeries @SashaaPieterse @TheAndreaParker #PrettyLittleLiars #AskMar #PLLChat." @TheAndreaParker : Well, Mary has a lot more fun than Jessica... #pickyourpoison #PLLChat (29/06/2016)
- U can't tell from this photo but cruising around w @AshBenzo is even more fun than u can imagine!#LetsDoThisBitches (28/06/2016)
- Have you heard? There's a new bitch in town. We're gonna have some fun... @PLLTVSeries #PLL #MaryDrake #RIPMrsD (21/06/2016)
- @ADReveals : "Can I honestly just say my favorite actress on #PLL is definitely @TheAndreaParker as both Jessica DiLaurentis and Mary Drake. @TheAndreaParker : "Thank you so much!  I'm having way too good a time!! #doublethecreepydoublethefun" (18/06/2016)
- #PLLSeason7 is going to be intense, Pretties #BuckleUp (17/06/2016)

Echange avec l'actrice Troian :
- I wonder what #MaryDrake would give you for your birthday beautiful Troian... I'm thinking of you and sending  #HBD @SleepintheGardn (28/10/2017)
sleepinthegardn : #tbt to when I was having a blast being bad with @theandreaparker honestly. What could be better that having tea and being a bitch? 😝 Love you momma (19/10/2017)
- @SleepintheGardn : @TheAndreaParker just killed that SCENE! I love you. #PLL
@TheAndreaParker : You raise my game girl - I love you too! #PLL (29/06/2016)

Tweet de l'actrice Nia Peeples :
- How amazing is @TheAndreaParker acting with herself?!  #pll #pllchat @PLLTVSeries (09/08/2016)

Tweet de l'actrice Ashley Benson :
- Love starting my saturdays at soul cycle and getting to see @TheAndreaParker be a badass and just seeing her in general (08/10/2016)

Tweets de l'actrice Shay Mitchell :
- Omg. @TheAndreaParker with the most epic "shh" of the entire series. Can't even breatheeeeeeeee (21/06/2017)
- Ugh yes to the Mary and Spencer scene and also yes to scary Mary always dressing like a boss I want this wardrobe.
- @TheAndreaParker ok so when should we expect the next video (12/05/2017)

Tweets de l'acteur Huw James Collins :
- The one, the only @TheAndreaParker - all love for such a wonderful woman  #PLLChat (28/06/2017)
- [Andrea Parker] #WorstSonInLaw/NephewEver but a fantastic friend! Happiest of Birthdays @huwjamescollins ! / Can't wait to see you in #London  #Secrecy (20/05/2017)-@TheAndreaParker serving the wine, that's so unusual #sarcasm #PLLChat CC: @EmpirePix (09/08/2016)
- Obvious ones are the mask and death, but shooting with @TheAndreaParker aka Mary Drake was A LOT of fun (08/07/2016)
- Hey @shaymitch and @TheAndreaParker - quit gossiping!!! #PLLChat
- All joking aside, what a pleasure it is to work with @TheAndreaParker - just wanna squeeeeze her! #PLLChat (29/06/2016)
- @PLLNLA @TheAndreaParker the biggest hoot, Andrea is hilarious and magical #pllchat (22/06/2016)

Tweet de l'acteur Ian Harding :
- Thanks Andrea! Miss ya! (10/05/2017)

Tweet de l'actrice Janel Parrish :  
- Guys. @TheAndreaParker is a perfect human. And actress. #PLLChat (21/06/2017)
- Shook  I love Mary Drake #PLLChat (20/06/2017)

Tweet de l'acteur Keegan Allen :
- Mary Drake is more clutch than any save in history!  #PLLChat (20/06/2017)

Tweet de l'acteur Jon Titus : 
- I love the sound of the room erupting when @TheAndreaParker pops up on ! She's simply the best!   

Tweets de la créatrice Marlene King :
- How I would love to see this one on set again. #PLLThePerfectionists [avec une photo de l'actrice Andrea Parker] (29/01/2018)
-Yes to every choice @TheAndreaParker makes when she brings Mary Drake to life. #PLLChat  / @TheAndreaParker : This means everything. Thanks Mar. (21/06/2017)
- Much love to @TheAndreaParker. She is the queen. (10/05/2017)
- And that's a series wrap on #Fraturdays. Spent this one w @SleepintheGardn @TheAndreaParker and @lisacochranpll #PLLseriesfinale (22/10/2016)
- Best flashback w @TheAndreaParker @PLLTVSeries #PLLChat (09/08/2016)

Tweet du réalisateur Joseph Dougherty :
- @PLL_Wikia Mary is very complex.@TheAndreaParker is wicked good at playing her. (01/07/2016)

Tweet du réalisateur Norman Buckley :
- '@MrsSassyMillsy :  Was it fun getting to direct Andrea Parker as Mary instead of Jessica ? Did it give the scenes a different dynamic ?' @norbuck : Yes, it was fun. @TheAndreaParker is a hoot.

Tweet du compte officiel de la série TV
- A, T, and tea.  #BehindTheScenes #PrettyLittleLiars (09/10/2017)
- In loving memory of Jessica DiLaurentis. It's a bitch to die. May she REST IN PEACE. #PrettyLittleLiars (22/09/2017)
- Whoa! It’s only Spencer, Mary Drake. 146 of 150 // Season 7, Episode 6. #PrettyLittleLiars #PLLMemoryLane (13/04/2017)
- @PLLTVSeries : "My #TeenChoice nominee for #ChoiceTVSceneStealer is @TheAndreaParker! #PLL " (11/05/2016)

Echange entre l'auteure et l'actrice
@sarabooks : "Thanks for the follow @TheAndreaParker! Love you on the show as MrsD” - @TheAndreaParker : "The pleasure is mine...I love being a part of your world!" (11/03/2015)

Tweet de l'acteur Bryce Johnson @BryceOJohnson  :
- Love these ladies!@TheAndreaParker & @LauraLeighton looking as lovely as ever! (28/06/2017)

Echange entre Andrea Reiher et Andy Swift (rédactrices en chef de Zap2It et de TVLine) :
- @Zap2itAndrea : I'm so glad Andrea Parker is full-on a #PLL cast member this season. She's so delicious. I've loved her since #Jag and #ThePretender.
- @AndySwift : @TheAndreaParker is doing some really good work this season. Mary Drake might be #PLL's most twisted character yet.
- @Zap2itAndrea : @TheAndreaParker indeed, she's especially killing this episode. (29/06/2016)

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